LIBERAL MEDIA OUTRAGED That Bouncer-‘Bomber’ Story Won’t Sway Trump Voters… And That CNN Still Sucks

Former bodybuilder and Chippendale’s manager Cesar Sayoc was arrested today in connection with the 12-13 bomb packages sent to Democrats and two former presidents this week.

Cesar Sayoc is reportedly a 56-year-old man of Native American descent living in Florida who has a long rap sheet.

The Seminole Tribe in Florida said in a statement that there are no records that Cesar Sayoc was a member, reported Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller.

His long rap sheet includes convictions for retail theft and possession of illegal steroids with intent to distribute.


Sayoc told investigators today he never wanted to hurt anyone and that his alleged “pipe bombs” would never hurt anyone.

The liberal media was SO HOPING this story of faulty bombs would sway Trump voters to change behavior ten days before the midterm election.
The media worked overtime to blame President Trump and his supporters for the dud package bombs.

So you can imagine the liberal media’s frustration when the North Carolina crowd began chanting, “CNN sucks!” at last night’s rally.
This was just totally unacceptable!

Sorry liberals. CNN still sucks and the liberal media is still a Democrat echo-chamber.
Nothing changed after the dud bombs were sent out.

And your constant belittling, verbal assaults and threats will not sway Trump voters.
Trump still wants to Make America Great Again — And so do his supporters.

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