Liberal Hack and Trump-Basher John Brennan Lashes Out at President Trump on Twitter After Bomb Sent to CNN in His Name

At least nine bomb packages were sent out to top Democrat leaders, Robert DeNiro and CNN Wednesday – none of which detonated.

Ssuspicious packages were sent to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
George Soros, former AG Eric Holder, Rep. Maxine Waters were also sent mail bombs.
And another suspicious package was sent to Maxine Waters’s office in California.

One of the packages was sent to John Brennan at CNN.

No one has taken responsibility for the bomb scares today.

But that didn’t stop Former CIA John Brennan, a vocal Trump-basher, to blame President Trump for the bomb packages.

Via Ingraham Angle:

On Thursday morning John Brennan continued to attack the president over the bomb packages.

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