Disgusting: Joe Biden Blames President Trump for Giving Hatred “a Safe Harbor” after Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

On Saturday morning Trump-hating Nazi Robert Bowers walked into the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue and opened fire.

The shooter was reportedly wearing a green jacket, a blue shirt, and blue jeans. The radio chatter has cited his date of birth as September 4, 1972.

The shooter was screaming, “All Jews must die!”

Bowers hates President Trump and believes Trump is controlled by the Jews.

Here is his archived Gab page.

Immediately after the mass shooting where 11 Jews were killed in cold blood former Vice President Joe Biden released a statement blaming President Trump for giving a “safe harbor” to hatred.

This was a despicable statement.

It didn’t matter to Joe Biden that his killer openly cursed President Trump — Biden was still going to attack Trump after the horrible act of evil.

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