RINO JEFF FLAKE Claims Kavanaugh “Sharp and Partisan” – ‘Can’t Have That on Court’

RINO of all RINOs Arizona Senator Jeff Flake called Brett Kavanaugh’s interactions with Senators “sharp and partisan” at the Atlantic Festival on Tuesday.

Flake flaked last week and threw the SCOTUS confirmation vote into chaos after he told his fellow members of the Judiciary Committee he wouldn’t be ready to vote on Kavanaugh until the FBI conducted a probe.

Brett Kavanaugh is a vetted judge–the FBI has conducted SIX FBI background checks on him already.

The Atlantic reported:


Speaking with Jeffrey Rosen, the president of the Constitution Center, and Democratic Senator Chris Coons at The Atlantic Festival on Tuesday morning, Flake called the judge’s interactions with senators “sharp and partisan.”

“We can’t have that on the Court,” Flake said.

Flake’s “gentleman’s agreement” with Coons led to the FBI reopening its investigation into Kavanaugh.

I caught up with Flake briefly as he left the event, and asked if this meant he would not vote to confirm Kavanaugh, even if the FBI cleared him by week’s end. He appeared rattled, and his handlers rushed him into the stairwell. “I didn’t say that …” he stammered. “I wasn’t referring to him.

Judge Kavanaugh delivered a very bold yet emotional testimony last Thursday at the hearing–he was angry and understandably so.

Brett Kavanaugh is an honorable family man of faith who was viciously smeared by the Democrats with the help of the liars in the media over bogus charges of gang rape.

The Democrats and Christine Ford’s evil lawyers muzzled Kavanaugh for 10 days by dragging out the hearing allowing for one hit piece after another to be rolled out against the judge.

Kavanaugh’s anger is normal being that he was falsely accused of gang rape and then had to endure watching his wife and daughters get death threats.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will vote this week–maybe he knows he has the votes.

We may not need Flake as a few red state Dems are in big trouble in the midterms if they don’t vote for Kavanaugh.

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