ISIS Posts Another Western Concert Threat Depicting Jihadist with a Grenade

Earlier this month ISIS related groups posted images online threatening Western concert-goers with a knife attack.

Now an Islamic State media group threatened grenade attacks on Western concerts.

Bridget Johnson at PJ Media reported:

Just days before one ISIS-allied media group released a propaganda poster threatening to attack concerts with a knife, another prolific ISIS media group threatened grenade attacks at music venues.

The group behind the latter threat has issued a number of slick videos and posters this year, including one warning of knife-wielding terrorists on commercial flights.

The new Al-Abd Al-Faqir poster released in the last week of September depicts a jihadist blending into a crowd wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. As concert-goers face the stage, the jihadist grips a grenade in his right hand.

“We have prepared for you what never crossed your mind, for our goal is to horrify you and terrorize you and harm you,” the text reads.

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