Iranian Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei Posts Vile Video Using #MeToo Movement to Push Hijabs

Iranian Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei took to Twitter this week to post a video about the #MeToo movement — and demanding that the way to solve the problem of sexual assault in the United States is for western women to begin wearing hijabs.

The disgusting video showcases politicians like Elizabeth Warren admitting that she has her own #MeToo story, and goes on to show the ayatollah saying that “by intoducing hijab, Islam has shut the door on a path that would pull women from such deviation.”

The disgusting remark is essentially blaming women for being harassed or assaulted simply because their hair was showing. This takes the “her skirt was too short” trope to a whole new level.

Along with the video, the Iranian leader also posted a link with an article outlining how he believes the hijab can “save western women.”

“Hijab gives women freedom and an identity. In spite of the dim-witted and superficial propaganda campaigns of materialistic people, hijab does not shackle women. By ignoring hijab and failing to cover what Allah the Exalted has asked them to cover, women undermine their own dignity and value. Hijab brings about dignity. It makes women more valuable. It increases women’s dignity and respect. Therefore, it is necessary to appreciate hijab and to be thankful to Islam for emphasizing hijab. Hijab is among the blessings of God,” the article states.

The left has been firmly embracing Islam and hijabs — though feminism has historically led to women burning bras and declaring that women should be free and equal. If you dare to question this massive contradiction you are quickly labeled a bigot and an “Islamophobe.”

“In order to prevent the mingling of the sexes and preserve ethical boundaries, Islam has obligated women to observe modest dressing (hijab). Hijab is a means of providing security: by observing hijab, Muslim women provide security both for themselves and for Muslim men. Wherever hijab is taken away from women, wherever they push women towards bareness and nudity, security is taken away primarily from women and secondarily from men and the youth,” the ayatollah’s article continues.

The tweet gained sharp criticism from the right and even some brave tweeters from the left.

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