Iowa Senator Joni Ernst Disputes Christine Ford’s Story: “The Corroboration Wasn’t There with Witnesses She Brought Forward” (VIDEO)

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa joined “CBS This Morning” to discuss the the Kavanaugh hearings and her support for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Democrats want mob rule to replace facts and evidence in the American legal system. Joni Ernst disagrees.

CBS hack: What message does a vote of support for Judge Kavanaugh send to women in America?

Senator Ernst: What message that sends to women in America is that we are innocent until proven guilty in this great country. And I have absolutely no doubt after reviewing Dr. Ford’s testimony that she has suffered from something very traumatic in her lifetime but simply the corroboration wasn’t there with even the witnesses that she brought forward.

Ernst doubts Kavanaugh’s involvement in Dr. Ford’s uncorroborated story.

Ernst also said the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico is a “great win for Iowa farmers and ranchers.”

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