INVASION: Hundreds of Honduran Migrants Illegally Cross Into Mexico – Federal Police Stand Idly By (VIDEOS + PHOTOS)

On Friday, the Honduran caravan tore down the border gate in Guatemala and stormed the border bridge into Mexico.

Mexican authorities clashed with the Honduran migrants and deployed several rounds of tear gas on Friday which resulted in nearly two dozen injuries, including a CNN reporter.

After the Hondurans breached the Guatemala-Mexico border bridge, they were unsure of what to do next so they created a refugee camp.

Hundreds of Honduran males began jumping into the Suchiate River from the bridge:

The Hondurans used a toe-line and rafts to illegally cross into Mexico. The Mexican federal police did not stop the invasion.

Video of male Honduran migrants swimming into Mexico from Guatemala:

Video shows Honduran migrants from the Guatemalan side of the river swimming into Mexico using a rope as a ‘toe-line’ to help crossings. The federal police are not stopping the illegal crossings according to the reporters live on the scene.

Police are standing idly by:

BREAKING NEWS: According to AFP, Mexico just opened its border to women and children from the migrant caravan.

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