Honduran Caravan Turns Border Bridge in Mexico Into Large Refugee Camp (VIDEO)

Caravan chaos!

On Friday, the Honduran caravan tore down the border gate in Guatemala and stormed the border bridge into Mexico.

The bulk of the Honduran migrant caravan reached the Mexican border late Thursday and hundreds of Mexican police were waiting and ready.

Mexican authorities clashed with the Honduran migrants and deployed several rounds of tear gas on Friday which resulted in nearly two dozen injuries, including a CNN reporter.


After the Hondurans breached the Guatemala-Mexico border bridge, they were unsure of what to do next so they created a refugee camp.

“Most have been walking for 6 days now,” reported BuzzFeed embedded reporter, Karla Zabs.

Trash was strewn all over the Mexico border bridge.

Hondurans were laying down on the sides of the bridge; one propped up a blanket as a tent covering.

“The bridge has become a large refugee camp, it’s a surreal scene. Hondurans are cleaning up their trash.”


Birds eye view of the backed up border bridge into Mexico via AFP:

The chaos began Thursday as the Honduran caravan faced off with Mexican police on the border town of Tecun Uman.

The organizer of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Irineo Mujica was arrested by Mexican police and thrown into a white van.

President Trump issued a stern warning to Honduran president Hernandez this week over the caravan threatening to cut off U.S. aid.

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