Graham Warns Dems Trying to Take Kavanaugh Down ‘If You Think Only One Side is Capable of Doing This – You’re Mistaken’ (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham is turning out to be one of Brett Kavanaugh’s staunchest defenders–a pleasant surprise that is galvanizing the Trump base.

On Tuesday, Senator Graham, a member of the Judiciary Committee, warned Democrats trying to take down Kavanaugh.

“If this is the new normal, then God help us all,” Graham said of the disgusting smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh.

“If you think only one side is capable of doing this, you’re mistaken,” Lindsey Graham said firing a warning shot to Democrats.


Lindsey Graham said on Monday evening that the President should renominate Kavanaugh if he were to lose the confirmation vote.

Senator Graham unleashed on Democrats last Thursday at Kavanaugh’s hearing–he stuck up for the Judge after Feinstein and the left-wing media orchestrated a political hit to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Multiple women came forward accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault which allegedly took place decades ago.

The accusers have not provided any evidence and their ‘witnesses’ have actually refuted the claims. This has caused the desperate Democrats and media to shift the goalposts and pivot the conversation and debate to Kavanaugh’s beer drinking in college.

The fake news media hit a new low last night when they actually reported on an incident where Brett Kavanaugh threw ice across a college bar in 1985.


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