FBI Raids San Juan Government Offices as Part of Widespread Investigation Into Fraud

Trump-hating Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz

The FBI raided government offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico this week as part of an investigation into fraud and obstruction of justice charges.

An anonymous tipster called into the city comptroller’s office over how the corrupt mayor’s office awards government contracts – specifically, a $4.7 million deal with construction company BR Solutions, Fox News reported.

Fox News reported:

FBI agents this week raided the municipal offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico – rooting through documents and seizing digital records as part of a widespread investigation into fraud and obstruction of justice charges tied to the city government.

San Juan’s purchasing division was the target of the raid. And while FBI special agent Douglas Leff did not implicate Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz in the raid, he did tell local media that “we are going to follow the investigation where it leads us.”

On Tuesday, more than two dozen agents entered the city’s Municipal Tower carrying briefcases, cameras and electronic equipment, Puerto Rican news agency El Nuevo Dia first reported.

Federal agents raided the third, fourth, 14th and 15th floors of the building, looking for documents related to corruption inside San Juan’s purchasing and contracting departments.

Last month, President Trump hinted there was corruption in Puerto Rico.

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