EXCLUSIVE… Clash Daily’s Doug Giles Speaks Out After Facebook Ban – They’re Lying About ‘Spam,’ ‘Inauthentic Accounts’

Facebook is falsely accusing conservative news websites of using “inauthentic accounts” and “spamming” social media users in an effort censor truth and intervene in the upcoming election, warns Doug Giles, founder and editor of the Clash Daily which was shut down by Facebook.

“It has little to do with fake news that Clash Daily and others are spawning. It has everything to do with the Trump wave that is completely crushing the media and crushing the left,” Giles explained in an interview with the Gateway Pundit. “They want to suppress freedom of expression, so they have these ambiguous rules, these vagaries so they can avoid lawsuits that are coming at them, and just do away with us like we don’t exist and we don’t matter.

As Gateway Pundit reported, Facebook shut down over 800 accounts and pages accused of spreading “misinformation,” predominantly conservative pages  with millions of followers, in an effort to fight “fake news” before the November midterm elections.

The social media giant announced Thursday that they removed 251 accounts and shut down 559 pages for breaking the sites rules against spam and “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

Facebook’s claim that Giles used “fake accounts” is a lie, Giles lamented.

“I don’t care how Facebook slices it. All the little diddles, they say ‘he did this, he did this, he did this’ – I answered them like ‘no, we didn’t.’ We don’t have fake accounts,” he said. “We give our damn drivers’ licenses to you. We have got to do two party notification. We don’t spam people – prove it. If you’ve got all this evidence mounting against clashdaily.com, put your cards on the table Zuckerberg and lets let the best man win.”

“If Facebook is really after fake news then they should turn their attention to CNN and MSNBC,” he continued. “We are just patriotic, freedom flag, country loving news organization that doesn’t pull any kind of punches whatsoever. We are conservative. We put that up front in our ‘about us’ tab and we let people know that we are conservative and libertarian leaning. We don’t make any bones about it.

“We are talking about a page that we’ve been working on for six years – it’s not the biggest page in the world but its still 2 million people and we spent six figures building it. And because they accused us of ‘spamming’ and having fake accounts and putting forth ‘fake news,’ they deemed us unworthy for their platform.”

Leftists are un-American for not taking a stand against their leaders who are brazenly suppressing free speech, Giles argued.

“I get not wanting to be a Republican and wear a blue jacket, red tie, khaki pants, have a square haircut, don’t drink beer, don’t have fun – just a hard line fundamentalist,” he said. “But if I were a liberal and my leaders like the ones at CNN or the other ones like Maxine Waters, Pelosi, or Elizabeth Warren or Hillary and the tech guys like Zuckerberg, YouTube, Google – if all my leaders were so fragile with their world view, that they were so delicate that they can’t stand competitive thought and a competitive voice, I would abandon it.

“I don’t want to be in the party of the gentle little tinker pots that can’t have robust, verbal, online, sparring debates – it’s not America, it has nothing to do with this grand experiment and self-governance – its’s speech suppression.”

Immediately after President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, Facebook warned that they would not tolerate “misinformation” by taking point at “fake news” site’s revenue sources. The social media giant has long claimed to be neutral in their moderation practices, but following the  launch of its fake news campaign, conservative news sites including the Gateway Pundit have been shadow banned from the Facebook news feed.

As a result, Clash Daily’s traffic and revenue “precipitously” declined, Giles explained.

“When Trump trounced Hillary and they didn’t get their squeaky toy in the White House, they just turned the spigot off on the conservative news portals,” he said. “We went from a weekly reach of anywhere from 8 million to 30 million people, to where it was down to half a million to a million. Most people would say ‘that is still great traffic.’ But we were crushing it, we were won of the top conservative web sites out there.”

Leftist tech giants are threatened most by the conservative new media who immensely helped President Trump win the election, Giles argued.

“If it weren’t guys like Jim at Gateway Pundit, the Breitbart site, Clash Daily, a whole slew of other conservative news portals, we would be very frustrated Americans. We’d all be wearing brown shirts marching behind Hillary Clinton, God forbid, in her pantsuit,” he said. “You can’t roll up in a fetal position and wet your big conservative diaper. God didn’t say, ‘everyday is going to be wonderful, and the birds are going to be chirping.’ They are the enemy, the enemy is doing enemy stuff. We’ve got to bulldoze through the turbulence, keep doing what’s right — don’t give up when times suck worse than an airplane toilet.”

Giles plans on fighting back after getting banned from Facebook, but refuses to use the platform again.

“We are definitely going to fight it, but I’m not fighting it to get back on,” he said. “I’ve been dealing with that manic group over at Facebook – their like ‘you can’t do that headline, you can’t do that meme, you can’t say this.’ It’s like dealing with a neurotic girlfriend that you cannot please no matter what you do , and finally she says ‘we’re finished.’ You’re like ‘hallelujah,’ grab a chug of vodka, drink it and go smoke a cigar and hang out with the brothers.

“If they put me back on tomorrow, I wouldn’t populate their page because there is no pleasing them. They will do it again, unless there is some kind of government anti-trust regulation – Let somebody go in there and take Facebook out at the knees. Let them compete with them come on there are some billionaires that are on our side that are sitting on a stack of cash. Again, if they take out the infantry, which we are, then they are coming for the cavalry, and then they are coming for the generals.  It might take a little longer, but they are coming, I guarantee it.

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