Driver Gets Caught in Protest – Plows Through Mob In Portland

During Saturday’s protest against Kavanaugh, black lives matter, etc.  in Portland, a motorist who was caught in the middle of crowd ended up hitting the gas to get away from the mob as they targeted him and his car. The subject(s) of this episode of Protest Of The Week was likely a combination of Kavanaugh and an officer involved shooting, where police shot and killed a man who was suspected in a nearby shooting scene and had a lengthy criminal rap sheet.

The guy driving the silver Lexus got caught up in the middle of the march, and tried to turn to avoid the mob. Watch as one genius protester decides to plant himself in front of the car and try to physically stop it, as other protesters swarm the car.

At some point, a window was smashed on the dude’s car, as you can clearly see in these pictures.

Meanwhile, Portland police continue to play cover for the protesters, urging drivers and others who have legitimate business downtown to avoid the area. Shouldn’t the police be telling the protesters to not violate multiple laws with their un-permitted marches, blocking of transit, and taking over of public buildings?

If the situation is so dangerous that the police tell people to “use extreme caution” and avoid the area, shouldn’t that warrant some sort of effort to quell the dangerous mob?

And yes, Portland changed the name of Stark Street to Harvey Milk Street. The city should be quarantined off from the rest of the world and left to grow like a bacterial plague in a petri dish so the rest of the country can see what far left wackjobbery does to once-proud cities.


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