Democrat and #MeToo Activist: Men Have a Hard Time Right Now Then “That’s the Way the Pendulum Has to Swing” (VIDEO)

Democrat activist Alyssa Milano went on with MSNBC to attack President Trump and lecture men.

At one point she accused Donald Trump of having a “cult like force” over his supporters.

Then Milano proceeded to lecture men in America to come to grips with the times.

Alyssa Milano: “What is happening right now is we are defining boundaries. Boundaries that have never been defined before(?) So, as Trump might say that white men have it very difficult right now, I’m saying that women and young people have had it difficult for generations and generations(?) And we will not be silenced any longer. And if that means men have a hard time right now then I’m sorry this is the way the pendulum has to shift.”

So if you are a man and accused of bogus sex assault claims from 36 years ago that are completely uncorroborated, then tough!
Suck it up, buttercup!

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