CNN’s Jim Acosta Accuses GOP Kavanaugh Supporters of ‘Bullying the Press’, Whines ‘Can’t You Guys Win Gracefully?’

CNN’s Jim Acosta posted about the looming confirmation vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, ticking off a laundry list of liberal causes that might be affected by a more conservative court. Acosta was called out for spouting liberal talking points and did not take it well, deleting a tweet that accused his GOP critics of “bullying the press” and whining, “Can’t you guys win gracefully?”

Acosta wrote, “It’s bullying the press. And it’s shameful. My goodness. Can’t you guys win gracefully?”

Acosta was replying to comments by a senior Mitch McConnell staffer and a former Paul Ryan spokesman.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

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Acosta initially tangled with the account of Don”Stew” Stewart, Deputy Chief of Staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The deleted tweet was a reply to the personal account of Zach Roday, who describes himself as, ” comms director | previously Paul Ryan’s political spox, House flack, Scott Walker ‘14, Romney/Ryan, Senate aide ”

Acosta tweeted, “With a single speech, Sen. Collins, announcing her support for Kavanaugh, has paved the way for a much more conservative Supreme Court for the next generation. Abortion rights, gay rights, climate change, and health care reform could well be impacted for decades to come.”

Stewart tweaked him with, “Heads up: I think PFAW hacked your account.” (Note: PFAW is the acronym for the leftist group founded by Norman Lear, People for the American Way.)

The thin-skinned Acosta whined to Stewart about the First Amendment, “More bashing the press by those in power. First Amendment getting you down Stew?” Stewart replied, “Nope, in fact I was exercising my First Amendment rights. You get to express opinions; I get to express opinions. That’s how it works. Thanks for the RT.” Acosta came back, “Awww Stew… I get it. Reporting you don’t like gets labeled “opinion.” Hey buddy.. I’ve been called worse.”

Roday then chimed in, “this is what getting owned looks like (Stew owned you, Jim)”

That was the tweet that prompted Acosta to whine and then delete, ““It’s bullying the press. And it’s shameful. My goodness. Can’t you guys win gracefully?”

UPDATE: Acosta reposted a rewritten a version of the tweet he deleted, “No.. this is what bullying the press looks like. And it’s shameful. My goodness. You guys had a big win today. Can’t you win gracefully?



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