AWFUL! Classless Barack Obama Continues Midterm Campaigning – Compares Trump to “Tin-pot Dictatorship”

Barack Obama continued to campaign against Republicans on Monday. The former president broke precedent this year by campaigning against the opposition party after leaving office.

On Monday Obama took credit for the Trump economy — which is a joke.

Obama then compared President Trump to a tinpot dictatorship.


This guy is such a fraud.

Buzzfeed News reported:

Former president Barack Obama was onstage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Monday, doing a familiar, uncomfortable job.

He was here to rally Democrats and to fight cultural tides the party didn’t quite anticipate…

…Obama spent much of his speech on a long defense of his own presidency, and condemnation of Republican governance.

“When you hear all this talk about ‘economic miracles’ right now, remember who started it,” Obama said. He denounced Trump’s attempts to pressure the FBI and Department of Justice to target political foes.

“That is not how America works. That is how some tin-pot dictatorship works,” he said.

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