BOOM! Real Clear Politics Co-Founder: We ARE NOT Seeing Blue Wave — GOP May Keep the House (VIDEO)

Tom Bevan: “This is not a blue wave election.”

Tom Bevan from Real Clear Politics made an appearance on Varney and Co. on Wednesday. Bevan says there is no sign of a Blue Wave, none at all. Instead he is seeing a shift towards Republicans.

Tom Bevan: Look if you were talking about a blue wave you would expect it to be cresting. Right? If a wave was coming you’d expect it to be building and building. Here we are 13 days out from the midterms and that’s not what I’m seeing. We’re seeing the president’s job approval rating going up. We’re seeing the generic ballot number holding, Democrats in the advantage but not building. And certainly in some of these swing districts we’re seeing a hand-to-hand combat, a race-by-race battle in these House districts around the country. And obviously in the Senate it seems to be moving in the Republican’s direction… Democrats may take the House but this is certainly not shaping up to be a big blue wave.

Via Varney and Co.:

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