Beth Chapman: Don’t Let George Soros Burn Down Our Criminal Justice System

Kanye West spoke to President Trump about criminal justice reform Thursday in the White House.

Guest post by Beth Chapman:

This is probably going to get me in hot water in Hollywood, but after all the vicious, racist attacks against Kanye West for supporting Donald Trump I feel it’s important for someone who’s in the entertainment industry to step up and say something.


Kanye West showed he’s got more guts than Matt Damon, Alyssa Milano, Amy Schumer or any of the limousine leftists who attacked Brett Kavanaugh last week. Kanye showed real independence and we know that the Democrats hate that. If you want another example, just look at the attacks on Candace Owens.

Like Kayne, I’m very concerned about criminal justice reform but I want to sound one warning… right now the so-called Criminal Justice Reform movement is funded and controlled by George Soros. I don’t need to explain why that’s dangerous to readers of the Gateway Pundit.

Soros has been spending millions to get leftist District Attorneys elected across the country. Soros unleashed the cop-killer worshipping mob to protest law enforcement. And he’s killing the bail industry to replace with a ‘progressive’ solution that is catch-and-release for dangerous criminals.

We can’t let Soros burn down our criminal justice system and we can’t let the Soros-funded left control the debate on criminal justice reform.

We need REAL criminal justice reform. We need to fix and repeal drugs laws that have failed America. We need to stop Democrat politicians who don’t let police enforce the law. We need to reign in the trial lawyers — people like that Michael Avenatti guy — who profit from lies.

I’m putting together a blue ribbon panel to present a real criminal justice reform agenda and I invite Kayne and his wife Kim to be part of it. We’ve already got people like Elbert Guillory, the former Republican state Senator from Louisiana who spent 26 years in law enforcement…and who was called every name in the book as a black politician who abandoned the Democrats.

We’ll be releasing some of our proposals in the next few days. It’s time to fix the system and stop Soros.

Beth Chapman is the President of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States and was the co-star of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” on the A&E Television Network with her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman, which chronicled the family, events and clients.

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