As Democrats’ Deceptive Smears, Illegal Caravans, and Intimidation Mobs Backfire, Will the “Satanic Left” Turn to Its Magick?

Image from Brooklyn cult ritual casting hex on US President

As the Democratic Party’s political failures mount, their increasing panic ensues. It has become quite apparent to any rational and objective political observer that deception operations, manipulation tactics, and mob intimidation are the “go-to weapons” in the arsenal of the Democrat Party, their Anti-American financiers, and their corporate cohorts within the legacy media and big tech infrastructure.

According to biblical theology, these are the very same characteristics and tactics that are classically associated with Satan and his various cohorts.

NY Post Op-Ed Columnist, National Review Contributor and author, Michael Walsh, refers to the Democrat Party as the “Satanic Left” in his 2015 book, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West. Walsh writes, “Lying is the centerpiece of both the satanic and the leftists’ projects.” He adds, “Rebels must always mask their true intentions.”

It is suggested that some individuals at the highest echelons of the current Democratic Party are connected to various forms of dark occult practice. In Wikileaks 2016 publication of The Podesta Emails, researchers found a number of unusual references, including the now infamous invitation of John Podesta, Former Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton, Counselor to President Obama, and Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman, and his brother, former mega-lobbyist Tony Podesta, to contemporary artist Marina Abramovic’s bizarre “spirit cooking dinner.”

Also found in The Podesta Leaks is an email that Mary Podesta had forwarded to her husband John Podesta. It’s an email from a friend of theirs named John Demos. The phrase ” ‘Thelema’ — a Favor” is written in the subject line of the forwarded email. The Thelema Cult was founded by self-professed Satanist, Aleister Crowley, in 1904. Or was this a simple misspelling?

In Wikileaks publication of The Hillary Clinton Email Archive, Cheryl Mills, then Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an official State Department email addressed to Hillary Clinton forwarding information regarding Honduras. Cheryl Mills expresses some hope of achieving their diplomatic goal, ending the email with a personal note that stated, “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch…”. While the fingers crossed and the old rabbit’s foot are common symbols of good luck, the Moloch reference is highly unusual. Moloch is an ancient Canaanite deity associated with the practice of child sacrifice and is referenced in the Bible as a clear example of idolatrous abomination.

These examples can certainly be considered aberrant and highly unusual email exchanges and references, particularly for hi-level US Government officials. There are various other examples. Undeniably, these eye-opening revelations had an impact on the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election.

A Washington Post article published on March 20, 2015 titled, ‘That Time When Bill and Hillary Clinton Went to a Voodoo Ceremony in Haiti’ describes how Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton received a voodoo lesson from one of the highest ranking voodoo priests, Max Beauvoir, while visiting Haiti in the late 1970’s. They then proceeded to participate in at least one voodoo ritual led by Beauvoir. The article refers to Former President Clinton’s memoir My Life as it’s source. In his memoir, Former President Clinton describes the “brief course in voodoo theology” led by Beauvoir and the subsequent ritual that he and Hillary participated in later that evening in detail.

According to the Haiti Observateur, “During a March 31, 1995 visit to Haiti under Aristide’ s restored rule, Clinton took part in a voodoo initiative ceremony intended to keep him impervious to Republican attacks and to guarantee his re-election”.

In the opposite universe, President Trump is clearly the Democratic Party’s arch-nemesis. Given the Democrats endless displays of vehement outrage, open threats, false projection-filled accusations, and growing panic, he is apparently also their worst nightmare.

As an example, President Trump clearly stated to the American People on the 2016 campaign trail exactly what he was going to d,o and upon taking office he has successfully delivered on his word again and again, giving rise to his current political credo, “Promises Made, Promises Kept”.

This is something that the Democratic Party could never claim. It is an undeniable reality that President Trump’s track record stands in direct opposition to the current Democratic Party’s track record, which is characterized by deceptive misrepresentations, strategic obstruction, and manipulative tactics. Democrats have been caught countless times promising one thing in order to win an election and gain power, only to then do just the opposite once in office.

The high stakes defining atmosphere that surrounded the 2016 Presidential Elections has been literally transposed onto the upcoming 2018 Midterm Elections. Patriotic Americans from across the political, cultural and religious spectrum should consider with great care the far-reaching moral and spiritual consequences of their ballot and it’s global implications, as this is clearly the most critical and defining midterm election in Modern US History. America’s sovereignty, security and economic future literally hangs in the balance.

Let’s take our country back. once and for all.


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