Alec Baldwin Urges Donors to ‘Overthrow the Government’ at Democrat Fundraiser

Speaking at a lavish fundraiser for Democratic donors on Sunday, actor Alec Baldwin told the crowd that they need overthrow the government over President Donald Trump.

Baldwin’s comments were at a major fundraising dinner for New Hampshire’s Democratic Party, which was attended by 800 party office-holders, candidates, officials and activists.

“In an orderly and formal way, and lawful way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin had revisited his portrayal of the president the night before on Saturday Night Live, mocking the oval office meeting with Kanye West.

The actor said that “this election and the one that follows in 2020 will be the most consequential elections since the election of FDR.”

“It is time to overthrow the government of Donald Trump — not in a violent way or unlawful way — but it must be overthrown nonetheless,” Baldwin continued.

“Let’s make America great again by making Donald Trump a casino operator again,” Baldwin’s speech concluded.

Following his speech, he told reporters he “always dreamed of running for office,” Fox News reports. Though he wants to, he said it is not currently in the cards and joked that his wife would divorce him if he did.

While the media rushes to deem any celebrity that dares to support President Donald Trump “crazy” or “bipolar” — they are completely ignoring the madness from celebrities on their own side.


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