ABC Social Justice Warriors Are Suddenly Worried Firing Roseanne Barr Was Premature (VIDEO)

The Social Justice Warriors at ABC are suddenly worried firing Roseanne Barr for a tweet may have been a mistake.

Senior executives now say the move may have been a knee-jerk reaction.

The Roseanne spinoff, sans Roseanne, is set to debut next week.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Two senior executives at ABC said Thursday that they believe firing actress and comedian Roseanne Barr for a controversial tweet was rushed and feel a suspension would have been more appropriate.

“We didn’t think it through properly. What Roseanne did was wrong but we shouldn’t have rushed to fire her,” one source told the Daily Mail. “It was almost a knee-jerk reaction by Ben [Sherwood] and Channing [Dungey] who should have launched an investigation.”

The executive said that an investigation would have given Sherwood, the president of Disney-ABC Television Group, Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment Group, the public, advertisers, and cast members of “Roseanne” more time to determine a calculated decision on what to do with Barr and the show.

ABC canceled “Roseanne” and fired Barr hours after she sent a tweet that was perceived as racist. In the tweet, Barr said former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett looked like a mixture between the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.

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