Yale Classmate of Kavanaugh and Roommate of Accuser Ramirez: ‘Never Saw Him Be Sexually Aggressive’

A Yale classmate of Brett Kavanaugh’s, who was also a roommate for three years of second uncorroborated Kavanaugh sex assault accuser Deborah Ramirez, went on CNN to accuse Kavanaugh of not being truthful in describing his drinking at college, but she also gave a solid character reference on the topic being used by the Democrats and media to destroy him. The classmate, Liz Swisher, told host Chris Cuomo:

“I’ve known Brett since the very beginning of freshman year. He was always one of the beer drinking boys and I drank beer with him. I liked beer. There’s no problem with drinking beer in college. The problem is lying about it. He drank heavily. He was a partier. He liked to do beer bongs. He played drinking games. He, he was a sloppy drunk. He was more interested in impressing the boys than he was in impressing the girls.

“I never saw him be sexually aggressive. But he definitely was sloppy drunk.”

Cuomo blew right past the stunning statement by Swisher on the drunken sex predator accusations being used to destroy Kavanaugh: “So, in terms of the allegations of a more serious nature, you have nothing on that. You never him do anything that you would call wrong or offensive or inappropriate with anyone. Good to know, out of fairness.”

Cuomo and Swisher went on about whether Kavanaugh perjured himself at Thursday’s hearing when talking about his drinking, based on Swisher’s difference of opinion on how much beer Kavanaugh could drink without blacking out or having memory lapses.


Apparently Swisher missed this quote from Kavanaugh headlined by People:

Brett Kavanaugh Describes His Drinking Habits in Hearing: ‘Sometimes I Had Too Many Beers’

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