WOW! Video Released Shows Ariana Grande Groped by Pastor on Stage at Aretha Franklin Funeral

So this happened on stage in front of millions of viewers on Friday.

Ariana Grande performed at Aretha Franklin’s funeral in Detroit on Friday.
She had several fans in the audience.

After her song she was groped by Bishop Charles H. Ellis on stage in front of millions.

Ariana was visibly uncomfortable and squirmed to get away.


Bishop Ellis later said maybe he was too friendly or familiar and didn’t mean to touch her breast.
Via The BBC:

The bishop who led Aretha Franklin’s funeral has apologised to Ariana Grande after being accused of groping her on stage.

Images show Bishop Charles H Ellis III holding Ariana high above her waist, with his fingers squeezed around the side of the singer’s chest.

“It would never be my intention to touch any woman’s breast,” he told the Associated Press.

“Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or familiar.”

He added: “But again, I apologise.”

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