Wow! Chuck Schumer Demands GOP Leader McConnell Apologize to Christine Ford for Politicizing Kavanagh Confirmation

This is rich.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer lashed out at Majority leader Mitch McConnell and demanded he apologize for playing politics with the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.


Schumer posted his remarks on Medium.


Leader McConnell owes an apology to Dr. Ford for labeling her allegations a “smear job.”

Let me repeat that, Leader McConnell owes an apology to Dr. Ford for labeling her allegations a “smear job.” And he should apologize to her immediately.

It is galling, galling for the Republican leader, who has done more than maybe anyone to politicize the Supreme Court nomination process, to make these trumped up, hyperbolic charges of partisanship by Democrats. It is a sad habit of Republicans to accuse the other side of doing what they, in fact, are doing. Happens over and over again. That seems to be the case here, as Democrats have over and over again urged the FBI to help investigate these allegations to get to the bottom of it, to get to the truth, while Republicans block any investigation and plow right through with their nominee.
It’s simple, if Leader McConnell was truly concerned about these allegations being swept up in partisanship, he would join me calling for an FBI background investigation — which can be performed quietly, soberly, quickly, effectively, without fuss, without muss, without a circus atmosphere.

That’s the way to get this done. And the only reason it hasn’t happened is because the president and Leader McConnell have blocked it, as well as Senator Grassley. Don’t they want the truth? They say they do, but their actions belie that, because they won’t even entertain a background check, which the FBI does over and over again to find out the facts. I think they’re afraid of the facts.

Why doesn’t Judge Kavanaugh call for an FBI investigation? He went on TV last night and said they aren’t true. If they aren’t true, he has nothing to fear from an FBI background investigation, and he should want it, no matter what Leader McConnell and President Trump say. Why doesn’t he call for it? Is he afraid of the facts?

You can read the whole thing here.

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