“We Believe Christine Ford!” Far-Left Protesters Swarm Grassley’s Office – Capitol Police Arrest 56 People (VIDEO)

Low energy protesters swarmed the 7th floor of the Hart Senate building Thursday afternoon chanting “We believe Christine Ford!”

Dozens of police are headed this way, reported Henry Rodgers of the Daily Caller.

The far-left protesters also set up a potluck inside of Grassley’s office!



Earlier Thursday a bunch of portly protesters showed up to Senator Grassley’s office–what lured them in? Food! (and most likely a bundle of cash from Soros)

Notice one of the protesters offering a vegan lunch to his fellow (paid) activists…

Pizza for everyone!

So what exactly do these protesters believe?

Here are the facts about Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations:

— She doesn’t know when it was.
— She doesn’t know what year it took place
— She doesn’t know what month it took place
— She has no idea where it took place
— She doesn’t know if 4 boys were there
— It could have been 2 boys?
— Both accused boys deny the charges
— She doesn’t think any females were there
— Wait, maybe there was a female there?

Judge Kavanaugh already stated this week that he wasn’t even at the party in question.

Witness Mark Judge defended Brett Kavanaugh in a letter this week and said that he does not want to speak publicly on the incident.

Mark Judge said in a letter sent by his legal counsel to Grassley, “I have no memory of this alleged incident..Kavanaugh and I were friends in high school but I do not recall the party described in..Ford’s letter. More to the point, I never saw Brett act in the manner..Ford describes”

Update: Capitol Police arrest 56 people in Senate office Buildings, demonstrating over Kavanaugh/Ford. 33 of the arrests came in front of Grassley’s office in Hart Senate Office Bldg. Charged with D.C. Code §22-1307, Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding.

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