WATCH: Maher Says Lindsey Graham Needs the ‘Stabilizing Influence of His Dead Boyfriend’ (Video)

Bill Maher viciously went after Senator Lindsey Graham on Friday night, saying that he needs the “stabilizing influence of his dead boyfriend,” referring to John McCain.

The political comedian made a joke about Graham’s sexuality in the opening monologue as well, saying that he is “familiar” with the “back door.”

After saying that he didn’t believe that Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s ten year old daughter wanted to pray for her father’s accuser, Maher went on to claim that him and Graham are part of a “Trumpifying” by President Trump.

“The fact that Trump can either find people like him or make him- Lindsey Graham needs the stabilizing influence of his dead boyfriend,” Maher said.

The crowd went crazy and CNN commentator April Ryan chimed in saying “he said it.”

“You won’t get my politically incorrect cooties on you,” Maher told Ryan.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation was held up on Friday when “Republican” Senator Jeff Flake asked for a delay so that the FBI could investigate the wild allegations against him.

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