Juanita Broaddrick at Pro-Kavanaugh Rally: Schumer and Feinstein Wouldn’t Listen to My Evidence (VIDEO)

Juanita Broaddrick is in DC Thursday to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh and spoke to the Gateway Pundit about why. 

Broaddrick explained that she is here to make the hypocrisy clear about the lack of concern for her allegations against former President Bill Clinton versus the lesser claims against Kavanaugh.

When asked why she is supporting Kavanaugh, she stated that it is just terrible how he has been treated.

Broaddrick has been the most vocal woman to accuse former President Bill Clinton of rape. Now in her 70s, the former Arkansas beauty queen has long claimed that she was raped by the then-governor in 1978. She has very publicly detailed him ripping off her nylons, raping her, and biting her so hard that he nearly ripped her lip off.

The Democratic Party has long ignored her pleas for justice.


TGP’s Jim Hoft also interviewed Juanita Broaddrick:

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