Wackjob Senator Gillibrand Says Allowing Blasey Ford To Testify Is “SILENCING” Her

Far left Senator Kirsten Gillibrand posted a bizarre tweet on Thursday regarding Christine Blasey Ford’s possible appearance before the US Senate committee to speak about soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

So in the mind of the leftist, allowing someone speak is considered “silencing” that person. Got it. Gillibrand also seems to think that the FBI investigates state jurisdiction claims. From 36 years ago.

During her appearance on CNN, things get more embarrassing for Gillibrand, as she seems to not understand the basic principles of how a criminal investigation works. She seems to the think the accused/defendant should be the one pushing for a law enforcement investigation. That’s not how investigations work. The accuser/complainant is the one whom the law enforcement agencies and district attorneys work on the behalf of.


Continuing on her diatribe, after demanding that witnesses of the alleged sexual assault be allowed to testify, she offers the possibility that one of the key witnesses, Mark Judge, doesn’t want to testify in front of the committee, and somehow that’s Senator Grassley’s fault.

In the same sentence, Gillibrand says “There’s no rush for this, they have not given her time.” Yes, that’s right. Apparently Gillibrand wants this expedited, but also wants to give Blasey Ford time.

Gillibrand, who took over in the Senate for Hillary Clinton after Clinton took the Secretary Of State job under Obama, previously took $10,000 in campaign contributions from the *esteemed* Harvey Weinstein.

All Democrats have left are contradictions, hypocrisy, fear, and hysteria. They know they can’t win on the actual issues.

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