Tucker Goes SCORCHED EARTH on Ball-less Republicans: If GOP Cared, They’d Protect You and Kavanaugh – But They Don’t! (VIDEO)

TUCKER CARLSON went SCORCHED EARTH on the ball-less Republican Party in his opening monologue on Monday night.

Carlson was irate — along with most of his audience — with the shameful performance of the Republican Senators and Representatives who are unwilling to protect their constituents and supporters and who are willing to protect Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Tucker Carlson: This is bad joke. That’s clear at this point. What’s amazing is Republicans, for some reason, are still playing along… Republicans in the senate don’t really care about you. If they did care about you they would protect you. That’s what you do for people you care about. You’d protect them. If Republicans cared they’d protect you from the foreign invasion our immigration system has become, they’d protect your children from the mandatory propaganda they face in schools that are bankrupting you. They’d protect your privacy and your freedom of speech, freedom from worship from the tech monopolies that seem to crush all of those things. And, they would protect Brett Kavanaugh from the obvious smears that are destroying his family and his life. But they won’t protect him. And they won’t protect him for the same reasons they won’t protect you. Because it’s hard and embarrassing or they just don’t feel like it. This could be a Socialist country in a few years. It’s moving that way. A lot of us would like to be protected from that. Our representatives don’t seem to notice.

Bravo, Tucker! for putting into words what millions of us are thinking!

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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