Today Is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay Please Make Sure You, Your Family and Friends Are Registered to Vote

Today is National Voter Registration Day, an effort by mainly liberal groups to get eligible voters registered in time for the November 6 elections. That does not mean that conservatives can’t use their tools to ensure that they, their families and friends are registered to vote.

The website for National Voter Registration Day has links to register to vote. The effort is sponsored in part by Big Tech firms that are censoring conservatives this election year: Google Facebook and Twitter. The full list of sponsors and partners also leans heavily left. (USA.GOV voter registration link if you don’t want to use the other link.)

The logo for National Voter Registration Day is missing Alaska and Hawaii.


Liberals are working overtime to take the House and Senate this November so they can kill the Trump presidency, either through impeachment or death by a thousand investigations and stonewalling the Trump agenda and judicial appointments.

This is an alleged non-partisan effort, so conservatives should feel free to take advantage of the opportunity.

Tweets promoting National Voter Registration day are overwhelmingly by liberals, first among them former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Gun control groups:

Hollywood liberals:

And of course:

Make sure you, your family and friends are registered to vote. Come November 6 you can take the advice of the liberals at Viacom and bring a ‘plus one ‘to the polls with you.

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