Supreme Court Opens Its Next Term on October 1st – That Explains Ford’s Delays and Unrealistic Demands

Democrats know if they delay the Kavanaugh vote for another week he will not be confirmed before the next Supreme Court session.

Tucker Carlson explained the senate procedure on his Friday show.

Make no mistake about it. Democrats are using Christine Ford to prevent Trump from placing a justice on the Supreme Court.

Tucker Carlson: Here are the basic facts about it. According to the original schedule most of us assumed was real two weeks ago the senate should have already voted on the nomination by now and Kavanaugh almost certainly would have been confirmed. He had the numbers. And then the wrinkle. Democrats leaked the name of Christine Ford to the press. Ford alleges that sometime back in high school, about 36 year ago, Kavanaugh jumped on her at a party and groped her over her clothes. She’s provided very few details including when and where it allegedly happened. Kavanaugh has denied the story entirely and so has the other person Ford said was present, a man named Mark Judge…  Thursday is a significant date in this story. Because of senate rules which are complex, if Ford testifies next Thursday the vote on Kavanaugh will be pushed back at least another week…   …Democrats will have prevented the president from filling this vacancy. We’ll have just eight justices for the foreseeable future… You may have voted for Trump in hope that he would put reasonable people on the Supreme Court. But TOUGH!

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:


Here is more on the Supreme Court schedule.
NY Mag’s Daily Intelligencer reported:

October 1: The Supreme Court begins its next term: The ostensible reason for moving right along with Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation was to make sure the Supreme Court had its full complement of nine Justices when its next term begins on October 1. Justice Kennedy is on “senior status,” and is still available for part-time duty on lower federal courts, but he’s gone for good from SCOTUS.

If no one has been confirmed by October 1, which is beginning to look more and more likely, then the Court will convene with just eight justices, and more importantly, with the conservative and liberal “blocs” on the Court deadlocked with four justices each. Yes, a subsequently confirmed justice can ascend to the bench the moment she or he is cleared by the Senate. But the new justice will typically not vote on cases in which oral arguments were heard in their absence. So the longer the ninth justice is missing, the more it affects the Court’s work. The period between Justice Antonin Scalia’s death in February of 2016 and Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation in April of 2017 shows how this can be a significant issue in big cases that expose divisions on the Court.

In a 4 to 4 decision on any case by the Supreme Court, the decision of the next lower court stands, every time.

Obviously, the longer Democrats can delay the process the better their chances that Judge Kavanaugh will not sit on the next Supreme Court session.

And that is exactly why they have decided to stall and resist the process by any means necessary.

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