Students Told to Stop Chanting “USA! USA!” At High School Football Game Honoring 9/11 Because It’s ‘Racist’

Students at a southern California high school were told to stop chanting “USA! USA!” at a special patriotic football game honoring 9/11 because it’s offensive and racist.

Students at Aliso Niguel High School in Orange County, California were told to stop chanting “USA! USA!” in Friday night’s football home game wherein students wore red, white, and blue to honor Patriot’s Day (September 11th).

The Gateway Pundit obtained an email sent to parents addressing this ‘controversy.’

In the first part of the email, Ms. Deni Christensen, the Principal of Aliso Niguel High School said two ‘offensive’ signs referencing Obama and Trump were removed.


Dear Wolverine Community,

I would like to update you regarding a controversy that occurred regarding our football game Friday night versus Santa Ana High School; the information below will also be shared with media today.

  • Friday’s football game was our “red, white and blue” game, where students traditionally dress patriotically in USA colors for a home football game that falls in close proximity to September 11th (Patriot’s Day).

  • This type of game is intended as a patriotic celebration and is common in Orange County. Many schools have a similar themed game from time to time during football season if they have a home football game scheduled near 9/11.  (Several other high schools also held such an event this past Friday.)
  • Our ASB students typically make spirit signs for each home game and did so for this game as well – in red, white and blue.
  • Two signs were posted which were political in nature.  One referenced former President Obama, and one referenced President Trump.
  • When Assistant Principals and I arrived to the stadium before the game, we learned of the above potentially controversial signs and Assistant Principals removed the signs.
  • Somewhere after the first quarter, the Santa Ana Principal Jeff Bishop came to our sideline.

Jeff Bishop, the Principal of the rival school, Santa Ana High School which is comprised of nearly all Hispanics, claimed people were reportedly holding signs that said “Build the Wall.”

Nobody else recalls seeing these signs, but narrative, right?

Principal Bishop also said the students chanting “USA!” after a touchdown was “disrespectful and hurtful to his students and community.”

Aliso Niguel’s Principal Deni Christensen said in her email to parents that she expressed “sadness and regret” that the students at Santa Ana High School had been hurt and then she capitulated to Principal Bishop’s request for the students to stop chanting “USA!” after he threatened to remove his team from the field and contact the media.

I expressed sadness and regret that members of his community had in any way been hurt and again explained that the “red, white, and blue” game was a patriotic observance in reference to 9/11, and in no way intended as an affront to Santa Ana High School, and I stated that many schools have such a game.

Principal Bishop said that if our students continued to chant “USA” that he would remove his team from the field and contact the media. (Our student section was subsequently informed of the misperception and willingly refrained from chanting “USA” for the remainder of the game.)

Principal Bishop and I continued to talk and I reiterated regret over any perceived disrespect; Principal Bishop and I then hugged and shook hands, and he returned to his sideline,

The Principal at Santa Ana High School also accused the rival high school of requesting the presence of more Sheriffs, once again hinting the school is full of racist people.

‘We absolutely did NOT increase security’ at Friday night’s game, Deni Christensen said.

In conclusion, Ms. Christensen said that “Going forward, I will be meeting with our student leaders and staff, and we will consider how we might have communicated more in advance about the purpose of our “red, white and blue” game to avoid misunderstanding. However, I am deeply saddened that anyone could categorize our students or community as “racist” and I have made that very clear. We have nothing but respect for Santa Ana High School, and all schools.”

Seventeen years ago today the US came under attack by Islamic terrorists who hate our freedoms and our mores.
2,997 people were murdered in a series of coordinated attacks by the Islamic group Al-Qaeda.

Americans will never forget where they were and what they were doing when they received the news that hijacked airplanes flew into the Twin Towers.

And here we are 17 years later where students are told that chanting “USA! USA!” at a football game honoring 9/11 must be stopped because it’s offensive and racist. Truly disgusting.

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