Storm Threat Hits Level 10: The Waffle House in Shallotte, NC Is Now Closed – This is Serious – Everyone GET OUT!

Hurricane Florence is approaching the Carolina coast and the eye is expected to make landfall tonight in North Carolina.

The Waffle House storm center is now in operation.
Anyone who has traveled the Southeast knows about the ubiquitous Waffle House at every interstate exit.


And when the Waffle House is closed you know there is a severe disaster.

Moments ago Matt McBradley posted this from Shallotte, North Carolina.
It doesn’t look good folks.

From Shallotte in southeast North Carolina–
Via Mike Cernovich:
The wind is growing stronger. But more significant is that the @WaffleHouse in Shallotte, NC is now closed. The chain is famous for its storm-hardiness, and its closure is perhaps the greatest metric that the storm is nigh.

It’s it’s closed — run for your life!

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