Senator Cotton BLOWS UP Phony Vietnam Hero Richard Blumenthal For Questioning Kavanaugh’s Honesty

This is rich.

Senator Richard Blumenthal had the audacity to lecture Brett Kavanaugh about courage and honesty Thursday at the hearing.

Blumenthal began his questioning by saying, “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” (false in one thing, false in everything)–what a despicable creep!

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) faked his Vietnam War service and lied about being the captain of the Harvard Swim Team.

Blumenthal has no room to question another man’s credibility and courage.


“The core of why we are here today really is credibility,” Blumenthal said.

Kavanaugh quickly shot back and said, “The core of why we’re here is an allegation for which the four witnesses present have all said that it didn’t happen.”

Republican Senator Tom Cotton dropped in on Blumenthal.

“Senator Blumenthal lied for years about serving in Vietnam, which is all you need to know about his courage & honesty. Maybe he should reconsider before questioning Judge Kavanaugh’s credibility,” Tom Cotton said in a tweet.

Others chimed in as well.


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