Sadly. Democrat Party’s Attempt to File Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh in State of Maryland Is Quickly Shot Down

The Democrat Party this week sent a letter to the Montgomery County Maryland Police Department and State’s Attorney’s office to open an investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior as a teenager in the summer of 1982.

This comes after Christine Ford alleged she was groped by Kavanaugh at a party sometime around 1982 at an unknown place at an unknown time. The alleged witnesses have all testified they have no idea what the woman is talking about.

But this didn’t stop the Democrat Party from requesting Montgomery County officials to launch an investigation into the mystery crime.

Sadly, this will not be possible.
The Montgomery County Police and State’s Attorney’s office responded to Democrats on Friday.

The alleged criminal acts of assault and attempted rape were both misdemeanors in 1982 and subject to a one-year statute of limitations.
Therefore, the alleged criminal act should have been reported in 1983 which would have been difficult since the victim has no idea what she is talking about and her “witnesses” ALL refute her allegations.

Via The Baltimore Sun:

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