Rod Rosenstein to Meet Trump Thursday – NOT YET FIRED …Update: Rosenstein Offered Resignation

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a statement around 12:48 p.m. EDT announcing a meeting Thursday between President Trump and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to discuss “the recent news stories” about Rosenstein allegedly talking last year about wearing a wire to record Trump and invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. The New York Times broke the story last week.

Sanders statement came in response to rumors reported by the media that Rosenstein was on his way to the White House to resign or be fired. It turned out he was attending a regularly scheduled meeting. It’s possible Rosenstein was told by Chief if Staff John Kelly to hold off on offering to resign until he meets with Trump.

Sanders posted her statement to Twitter (Text version below):


WH Statement on inquires about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein:

At the request of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he and President Trump had an extended conversation to discuss the recent news stories. Because the President is at the United Nations General Assembly and has a full schedule with leaders from around the world, they will meet on Thursday when the President returns to Washington, D.C.

Sarah Sanders

UPDATE— According to CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins Rosenstein offered his resignation last week.

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