REPORT: Clinton Abuse Victim Kathleen Willey in Dire Straits and Could Lose Her Home – GoFundMe Account Started

Kathleen Willey was one of the women who came forward long before the #MeToo movement existed and said she had been assaulted by then President Bill Clinton. Since then, she has had a hard time staying afloat but now the situation has gotten very bad.

The Media Equalizer reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Clinton victim Kathleen Willey’s eleventh-hour plea — ‘save my home!’

In an exclusive interview with Media Equalizer, Willey spoke about how difficult life has been since she emerged with her story of sexual abuse at the hands of President Bill Clinton. Aside from having trouble finding a steady job over the years and trying to cope with her husband’s tragic death, Willey also revealed that she is facing imminent foreclosure on her Virginia home…

Willey told Media Equalizer that things began to worsen for her roughly 15 years ago.

“I was living on the life insurance money that my husband left me after he committed suicide in 1993. I immediately started looking for a job after he died and worked in the White House for about a year. It most certainly got worse after my name was revealed in the Starr investigation. I almost got about 20 jobs over the years,” she said.

Willey, who previously served in the White House as an aide to Clinton, accused the former president of sexually assaulting her. In March 1998, Willey revealed during a 60 Minutes interview that Clinton had attacked her on November 29, 1993. During a private meeting in the Oval Office on that day, Willey said Clinton grabbed her tightly, kissed her, grabbed her breasts and attempted to touch her genitals.

You can visit the GoFundMe account here. It has already raised over $3,000 dollars!

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