Pelosi: Judge Kavanaugh Should Not Be Appointed to SCOTUS Because He Responded Too Passionately to Rape Accusations

This is the modern day Democrat Party–

Hurl sham rape charges against a Godly man and then attack him when he responds passionately.

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi told Texas liberals Brett Kavanaugh should not be appointed to SCOTUS because he was too passionate in his response to sham groping and gang-rape charges.

Nancy Pelosi: If Judge Kavanaugh, if he is not telling the truth to Congress, or the FBI, then he’s not fit not only to be on the Supreme Court but on the court he’s on right now. I think that he disqualified himself with those statements and the manner in which he went after the Clintons and the Democrats and the this or the that. There was a way for him to go forward with dignity and without jeopardizing his own objectivity in the public mind. This is a moment in history for our country… There’s an attempt on the part of some including maybe the President of the United States to undo #MeToo.

This horrid woman will be Speaker of the House if Republicans don’t get off their a$$ and vote in November.

Via Wired Sources:

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