Pakistani Singer Ends Latest Music Video Blowing Up in Suicide Blast (VIDEO)

Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada blows herself up in a suicide blast in her latest music video.

Some are saying it’s a statement against terrorism.

The singer Rabi Pirzada threatened Dutch politician Geert Wilders with hanging for speaking out against Islam.

In the music video Rabi strapps on a suicide bomber belt and heads to the market.

The singer then flees the market but blows herself up anyway.

According to a fan the video is a statement against terrorism and in support of the beauty of Islam.
From the video:


Rabi Pirzada is the first ever artist from Pakistan who has made a bold effort to speak against terrorism.

Islam is a religion of peace, love and harmony. And majority of Muslims are amazing ambassadors of Islam.

Few have spoiled the image and associated Terrorism with this beautiful religion.

Now I have spoken in my first ever Qawali to condemn Terrorism and promote the beauty of teachings of Islam.

I leave it to my fellow Citizens, in order to make this message against Terrorism effective, please share as much you can and become a part of this Noble and important cause.

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