O’KEEFE GETS ANOTHER DEEP STATE SCALP=> Socialist Caught Using Govt Databases to Stalk Business Owners OUT AT DOJ

James O’Keefe gets another Deep State scalp!

Last Wednesday Project Veritas released the second installment in their undercover video series unmasking the Deep State.

The undercover video featured a Department of Justice paralegal, Allison Hrabar, who reportedly uses government-owned software and computers to push a Socialist agenda and punish people she disagrees with.

Hrabar herself appears to illegally use government-owned property to engage in DSA activities. The video shows a meeting with Cliff Green, another DSA member, stating that Hrabar uses the government’s Lexis Nexis account to find home addresses to stage DSA protests targeting non-DSA members:


“So Allison is a paralegal, so she, her living is researching people, so she’s very good at researching people. So, they just find the companies, and then the people that run those companies, and then they find their home address. She uses Lexis Nexis and a couple other software things.”

Allison Hrabar, a Socialist activist, also previously chased DHS Sec. Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant.

Hrabar also bragged that she couldn’t get fired…

Monday afternoon James O’Keefe reported Allison Hrabar is OUT at the DOJ.

“She [Hrabar] is no longer an employee,” said DOJ spox Sarah Isgur Flores.

Project Veritas is on roll–last week, just a few hours after O’Keefe rolled out the video of Commie Natarajan Subramanian bragging about slowing down Trump’s agenda, he was removed from ongoing GAO work and cut off from access to GAO equipment.

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