Obsessed Liberals and #NeverTrumpers Attack Maverick Donald Trump for Playing Golf After Being Disinvited to McCain Trump-Bash

Americans were outraged Saturday after John McCain’s funeral turned into a Trump bashing session.

Speaker after speaker, from Meghan McCain, to George W. Bush, to Barack Obama took turns to rip President Trump in words of anger.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were in attendance.
They looked sad and embarrassed at the nonstop abuse.

Meghan McCain took the occasion of her father’s death to slam President Trump numerous times Saturday in Washington DC.


It’s no secret to Americans why the third most unpopular US senator is being hailed as a hero.
He hated Trump.

The funeral was a who’s who of Uniparty elites. The Obamas, Bushes and Clintons along with top political leaders.

But President Trump was not in attendance.
He was dis-invited by John McCain.
As was Sarah Palin.

So President Trump went golfing at his Virginia Trump National Resort.
This outraged the Trump-haters. They wanted him to sit at home in the dark and reflect on his sins to the powerful.

Instead President Trump was at his resort doing what he loved. This was too much for the left.

Spot the real maverick.

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