NEW YORKER Folds to Fascist Mob – Cancels Steve Bannon from Annual Festival – After Jimmy Fallon, Jim Carrey, etc. Threaten Boycott

The New Yorker folded today to the fascist violent far left mob and cancelled Steve Bannon’s appearance at its annual festival.

The pressure was too much for the pathetic weaklings at the New Yorker.

Screw freedom of speech. Screw freedom of the press. The mob is in charge now.

The New Yorker cancelled Bannon after Jim Carrey, Jimmy Fallon and Patton Oswalt threatened to boycott the event.
This is today’s Democrat party — vicious, dishonest and intolerant.

Here is the announcement from the New Yorker on Monday evening.

This is a particularly disgusting read.
The editor is a wuss and a liar.

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The left is becoming more and more intolerant and violent by the day.

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