NBC Journalist Criticizes Feinstein For Kavanaugh Smear: ‘Deep State Feel To This’ (VIDEO)

The Democrats’ new smear campaign is so over the top that even a member of the mainstream media is admitting it. NBC’s Jon Allen, while appearing on the talk show of liberal host Bill Press, said that this whole thing sounds like the ‘Deep State’ that Trump and others have talked about.

The Daily Caller reports:


NBC reporter Jon Allen said that Democrats are giving credence to President Donald Trump’s claims of a “deep state” with their new letter containing claims of sexual assault against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“This is to President Trump’s point. There is a deep state feel to this. Anonymous source to a Senator through a House member, goes to the Justice Department, maybe word gets back to the White House, and nobody sees what’s in it,” Allen said.

Allen also noted that Feinstein had been sitting on the letter since July, calling the decision to release it now “political.”

Watch the video:


Democrats have sunk to new lows in their efforts to sink Kavanaugh.

It’s disgusting to watch.

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