MUST WATCH: ‘Trump’ Causes Homerun at Rangers Game After Stadium Gets Thousands of Complaints About Infowars Shirt

Infowars reporters Rob Dew and Owen Shroyer triggered thousands of complaints being called into Globe Life baseball stadium by holding up “CNN is Fake News” and Infowars shirts at the Texas Rangers game against the Seattle Mariners on Sunday.

The duo were sitting right behind home plate and kept waving their shirts in perfect view of the cameras. Dew was wearing an shirt and holding up a “CNN is Fake News” shirt for several innings.

During the sixth inning, several ushers began responding to complaints and approaching the reporters to see what the shirts said, but the staff could not figure out what the problem was. Dew told The Gateway Pundit that when they ushers would come over they would ask things like “what are you wearing” and “what are you doing” and then leave, confused as to what people were complaining about.


The reporters continued enjoying the game and casually trolling the libs until the bottom of the 8th, when the head usher came over and told them that they were getting thousands of complaints from people calling in upset about the shirts. She told them they could not put them up again and made Dew remove his Infowars shirt.

Luckily, Dew was prepared and had a “Trump is my president” shirt underneath and ready to go.

Towards the end of the game, they put on over sized masks of Hillary Clinton and President Trump. As they danced around in the masks, Joey Gallo from the Rangers immediately hit his 39th home run of the season. Dew noted that it was almost like Trump triggered the home run.

You can find more clips and photos at @InfowarsArmy and @DewsNewz on Twitter.

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