MSNBC Panel Defends Phone Calls Threatening GOP Senator Over Kavanaugh Vote, Calls it ‘Passion of the People’

An MSNBC panel has defended the threatening and abusive phone calls to GOP Senator Susan Collins regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh as “the passion of the people.”

The panel featured PBS NewsHour White House Correspondent and NBC News political contributor Yamiche Alcindor and Axios reporter Alexi McCammond.

The host referred to the threatening calls to Senator Collins as a “pressure campaign” and played some of the deeply disturbing phone calls she has received. The calls included men berating her about women’s rights while calling her a “bitch” and a “feckless woman.”


In response to the shocking messages, Alcindor defended them by saying it is simply “the passion of the people.” She asserted that while the language is “abhorrent” they are talking about “life and death issues,” so it’s fine.

Collins and her staff have also been being sent wire coat hangers in an effort to sway her vote.

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