MORE VIOLENCE=> GOP Office Torched in Wyoming Two Days After Its Opening

More violence against conservatives.

The GOP office in Laramie, Wyoming was set on fire two days after its opening.

Authorities say it was intentional.

Newsweek reported:


The Albany County GOP woke up Thursday morning to news they largely thought was reserved for cities located half a country away—their office in Laramie County, Wyoming, had been set on fire in what they believe to be an act of vandalism.

Chairman Ben McKay told Newsweek that it was their good fortune that someone happened to be taking money out at the bank across the street around 3:15 a.m. GMT and saw the fire burning. While he wasn’t certain how long it had been before the fire started, McKay didn’t expect it was long, because if it was, the whole building would have gone up in flames.

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