Michael Caputo Says He Knows Who Wrote the Anti-Trump NY Times Op-Ed and it’s a Woman (VIDEO)

Former Donald Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo told CNN on Sunday he believes he knows the identy of the “woman” behind the anonymous anti-Trump op-ed in the New York Times last week.

Caputo said he believes the woman is a huge Trump basher and screams about him in her office and purged her entire staff of Trump supporters.

Mediaite reported:

On Sunday, former Trump campaign director Michael Caputo claimed he knows who the author of the mysterious New York Times op-ed is and insisted the person behind the prose is a woman.

CNN host Fredricka Whitfield started the conversation by quizzing Caputo about his claim that he has figured it out.

“So you feel like you’ve figured out who the person is, do you believe the White House has figured it out?” Whitfield asked.

Caputo replied he feels like the White House is getting close.

“Well, how come you know and they don’t?” Whitfield pressed further.

“They’re getting there,” Caputo insisted.

He then talked about how his sleuthing helped solve the mystery for him.

“I started with this. Who is the person who I believe hates the president the most?” Caputo said. “Who is the person in the administration who has screamed about him in their own private office and gone forward and purged their entire office of Trump people?”

He then slipped that, at least in his figuring, it is a woman.

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