Media Attacks Brett Kavanaugh for Defending Himself: ‘Angry White Man’, ‘He’s Not a Judge’

Reporters and media figures are attacking Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his passionate, indignant response to the smear campaign by Democrats and the media to portray him as a heinous sex criminal.

Luke Russert, “Oh boy-Kavanaugh is going full angry belittled marginalized white man. Tough sell for today.”


“If a woman or minority had an opening statement like that, they would be labeled hysterical and deranged. If you cannot see that as a white man–God love ya.”

Terry Moran, “The Supreme Court has been edging into the sewer of our hyper-partisan politics for years now. It’s arrived.” Kavanaugh “is fighting a political fight in there. He’s not a judge in there.”

Maria Elena Salinas, “He’s losing it. How can we expect Kavanaugh of being neutral in his decisions on the Supreme Court. 🤦‍♀️

Burgess Everett, “Kavanaugh says he’s an independent judge but he today he sounds like an angry partisan”

Max Boot, “Kavanaugh goes full Trump in his opening: angry, partisan, confrontational, conspiratorial, self-pitying. Worked for the president. But is this appropriate for a judge?”

Kyle Griffin, “Kavanaugh‘s attacks on Democrats, Democratic groups and his mention of “revenge on behalf of the Clintons” seem in contrast to his promise of judicial independence.”

Will Saletan, “After Kavanaugh’s opening statement, I hope most of us can agree that even if he didn’t assault Ford, he has just shown us that he lacks the temperament to serve on the Supreme Court.”

The media hates it when conservatives stand up to their smears, instead of taking it like a good, go along to get along Republican of years ago.

Beth Fouhy, “Couple hours later, I’m still processing Kavanaugh’s hard slam on Democrats and “the Clintons.” Hard to square that with his pledge to be an unbiased jurist if confirmed. He has declared himself the Republicans’ justice, through and through.”

Robin Abcarian, “I just filed a column about the hearing. I conclude that Kavanaugh is not temperamentally suited to a seat on the US Supreme Court.”

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