Jimmy Kimmel Cracks First Daughter Ivanka Trump Incest “Joke” — Still Has Twitter Page and YouTube Account (VIDEO)

The only good humor on the left today involves sick attacks on President Trump, his family or Trump supporters.

Of course, this isn’t humor. This is violence.

“Comedian” Jimmy Kimmel, who has a history of lewd sexist public stunts, cracked an Ivanka Trump incest joke on his ABC show.

But Kimmel mocked the President’s son-in-law for several minutes.


Then Kimmel accused Ivanka Trump of incest.

Jimmy Kimmel: First off, can you imagine having Donald Trump as father-in-law. I mean, looking at you across the table with that orange puss on all the time. Judging, resenting you for all the disgusting things he knows you’re doing to his shiny and beautiful daughter? Every day you come to work at the White House your boss has your wife sitting in his lap. It’s a lot to swallow.

Via Judge Jeanine:

For the record– Jimmy Kimmel still has his Twitter page and YouTube account.
Even after those disgusting remarks on national television.

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