ImperatorRex Locked Out of Twitter Account After Suggesting Bombshells to Come Out at Kavanaugh Hearing Today

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The Twitter account known as ImperatorRex is locked out of his account today after dropping a bombshell tweet last night.

ImperatorRex tweeted hours ago that today’s Kavanaugh hearing is going to be “LIT”. He tweeted that emails exist where Dr. Ford (Kavanaugh’s accuser) freaks out and admits her story is nonsense/BS, that there is a connection to prior Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch (maybe he was accused first) and that today’s hearin gwill be lit.

Shortly after the tweet above, ImperatorRex’s Twitter account was frozen –

Let’s hope ImperatorRex is right and that he gets his right to free speech back from Twitter soon!

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